"Fools Rush Inn"

Adventure #5

GM: Robert

SUMMARY: Taking a job as bard gaurds the group does an ok job of defending the bard from those who would stop him from reaching his big performance. The performance is a great success.

Adventure #4

GM: Tony

SUMMARY: Discover that a local boy and his best friend have been sneeking out at night to go to The Pit Fights, and that the boy went one night alone and never returned. The group goes to the Old Dock Area of town and discovers that the fights is a cover for a cult and that the boy was a scrafice.

Adventure #3

GM: Chris

SUMMARY: Stagecoach ambused by goblinoids and merchant captured … rescued from a drow slaver.

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Adventure #2

GM: Andrew
Summary: Two of the group met a new member … they cleared out a tower and some undead returning some goods to the guild.

Adventure #1

GM: Robert
Summary: A group of adventures met, went down a small tourist cave and cleared it out.


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